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Tips for visiting Rome – Part 8

My best tip for visiting Rome is just to relax, take everything in, and see as much as you possibly can. Rome is such an amazing, beautiful city that there’s no way you can see everything there… which is OK because that means that there is always something to do. Based on my experiences, here are the places you should try to visit while you’re in Rome:

- Vatican City – Technically it’s a new country, but it’s right in Rome, and is a must to visit, whether you’re religious or not. If you’re not religious, you can see some amazing architecture. If you are religious, you can see the same amazing architecture, only in the context of religion and how it relates to you. I found it to be a very enjoyable and breathtaking experience.

- Trevi Fountain – Just a beautiful site that shows some of the best of Rome. Also, there are tons of little shops all around it to visit while you’re at the Fountain. My favorite was getting an ice cream cone and just sitting around the fountain.

- The Coliseum – There’s nothing like seeing ancient history right in front of you. You’ve heard all of the stories and legends about the Coliseum, so to see it, even if you’re just standing outside it, is another breathtaking experience.

- Vatican Museum – This is worth it just to see the incredible beauty of the Sistine Chapel.

- Basilicas – Again, whether you’re religious or not doesn’t matter here… the Basilicas are simply amazing.

- Roman Forum – It’s a little rundown these days, but just like the Coliseum, you are just seeing ancient history right before you, which is really amazing when you stop to think about it.

Anyway, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as places to see in Rome… all you need to do is just walk around the city and you’ll find something beautiful everywhere you look.

Travel destinations: Rome, Italy – Part 2

You don’t so much come home from Rome, as survive to tell the tale, at least that’s how I feel.

That’s not to say the spending five days there was unpleasant, but on balance I found myself not making any immediate plans to go back. It soon becomes plain that this is a city of contrasting “ations”; that’s exhilaration, consternation, fascination and frustration. Just about the only “ation” it’s guaranteed NOT to give you is “constip”!

It was school spring break in the UK, and so with both of us involved in education to one degree or another, the vacation seemed an ideal opportunity to take a pause, and so we found ourselves in the Italian capital with Sunday evening and four more whole days to spend as we wished.

Having never been before, in fact I’ve precious little experience of Italy in general, it was of course preordained that such sights as The Colosseum and The Vatican City would be on our agenda, and if we could throw in The Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps for good measure, so much the better.


I still get a kick out of only having to get a cab to our local Underground station and then travel four stops on the Piccadilly Line before flying somewhere. Let’s face it, there aren’t many advantages to living near Heathrow, but this is one of them!

Damn me, the plane even left on time; in fact it was so “on time” that we were standing at the end of the runway 27L, engines straining, but held on the brakes until the actual second we were due away.

The flight from London to Roma Fiumicino takes around two hours, and like other airlines, Alitalia has sensibly stopped trying to pretend they can supply a real meal in those plastic trays, preferring now to dispense drinks and a picnic box. At least I’ve stopped getting off planes with gravy down my shirt!

Getting into Rome is pretty easy too. 11 gets you a one-way non-stop train ride called the Leonardo Express to Roma Termini, which, not surprisingly is Rome’s main terminus station. This is scheduled to cover around 20-odd miles in 31 minutes, so non-stop it might be, an express it isn’t. Beware; the area around Termini is akin to London’s King’s Cross, i.e. a bit of a dump these days, complete with “unofficial” taxi drivers and several other varieties of rip-off merchants. It’s also the nexus of Rome’s two main Metro lines (La Metropolitana), which I’ll deal with later.

Fortunately, our hotel was only a 10 minute walk away, having brought wheeled cases so we forewent

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Rome Italy

Rome is undoubtedly the most beautiful and exotic city in the world. It is the capital of Italy and has 2.8 million inhabitants. It appeals to all classes of travelers especially history lovers. The official language spoken is Italian.

The city of Rome has lots of options for entertainment. Even if you had a tiresome day touring the countless attractions, you will enjoy a night out in one of the restaurants. There is an Opera house, the Teatro dellOpera, nightclubs, bars, literally cafes, football matches and many more.

A weeklong vacation is not even enough to exhaust Romes attractions. Virtually all corners of this extraordinary city are worth taking a photo. To start with, make sure you book yourself in a hotel near the city as most of your sightseeing is likely to be concentrated here.

You can start by visiting Campo deFiori Giancolo, here you will identify with the locals at this open air market. Meat, fish, fruits and other products have always been on sale for centuries. In the evening the market transforms into a favorite hangout. You cannot boast of visiting Rome without touring the famous Capitoline Hill, it is one of the most famous and the highest of the Seven Hills of Rome. It contains few ground ancient ruins as they are almost covered by medieval palaces. For the best view of Rome, none can beat Giancolo Hill, you will not only get to enjoy a beautiful view but there is a permanent merry go round, pony rides, and a puppet show for the kids. History and architectural lovers will appreciate the Church of Santa Maria and The Mouth of Truth or incase you happen to bring the kids, there will be something for them. The church is built on pagan ruins. Other places include the Spanish Steps, Domus Aurea, the Catacomb a Christian cemetery of 3rd to 5th century, Parco Savelo another perfect place to view Rome and many more. Incase your visit ends without you exhausting all these places, you can not miss the Vatican City or the Trevi Fountain.

Accommodation in Rome varies from 5 star hotels to budget hotels, from apartments to guest houses and from middle class lodgings to hostels. You can also stay in accommodations near the attractions that you wish to visit and believe it or not, you will find an accommodation that will suit your pocket.

The local cuisine in Rome is not very extravagant as in some cities. A full meal in Rome would consist of ingredients such as chick peas, tripe, salt cod, sweetbreads and Pasta. The best wines are those of the Castelli Romani.

The airport is located quite a long distance from the city centre. The taxis charge a fixed cost but there are definitely cheaper ways of getting to the city. There is a train that runs from the airport to the Termini Station every 30 minutes. Once in this station, it is easier to walk to your hotel or you can simply hire a cab just within the city. The public transport is cheap and easy to use. It can also be a good option.

The best time to visit Rome is in spring (late March through May) and September through mid-November although there are usually signs of rain. Rome is usually packed during summer high season in June through August. During these times most places are usually crowded with visitors. So if you would like to book a hotel or any accommodation during this period, it is advisable to do it early.

Rome Holidays – the Land of Romans

Capital of Italy, Rome is one of most visited tourist destination and has lot of exciting and beautiful attractions and tourist spots to offer. Established by twins Remus and Romulus, the city of Rome is famous for its rich architecture and ancient monuments making it an ideal holiday destination for all.

Following are some of the most favorite tourist spots not to be missed when holidaying in Rome:

Castel Sant’ Angelo (Hadrian’s Mausoleum)

Initially tomb of Hadrain emperor, this place was also famous as the defense area of the city at early times. This historic tourist spot often finds a lot of visitors every year trying to catch the glimpse of its rich architecture.

Via Appia and the Aurelian Wall

This amazing wall was built in third century with the objective of supporting Rome’s defense system. Tourists from across the world, when holidaying in Rome, make sure that they visit this marvelous structure. If you are some one who loves capturing stunning architectural structures in your cameras, then visiting this wall is a good idea.

Theater of Marcellus

This gorgeous ancient structure was originally built by Julius Caesar and later was completed by Augustus. With remarkable history to it, this huge ancient structure has a capacity of over 20,000 people and is 120 meters in diameter.

Vatican Museums

Vatican museums boost some of the best antiquities of imperial roman, Egyptian and western civilization. The grouping of these value rich museums also possesses artifacts and sculptures dating back to first century BC. The museums are located in Vatican City, which is the world’s smallest sovereign state and a base for Catholic Church and is popular as land of pope. Holiday in Rome is incomplete without a visit to Vatican and its beautiful attractions.

Capitoline Museums

These museums of 17th century boost a stunning and gorgeous collection of archeological findings and artifacts. The museums also have the famous Constantine sculpture to its amazing collection and art.

Palatine hill

A walk from Roman forum starting from Via dei Fori Imperiali takes you to the incredible Palatine Hill. Built somewhere in first century, this hill has excellent and breathtaking views to offer as well as an outstanding sight of the city. One can always look and cherish the Alban hills and Circus Maximus. The hill is an amazing tourist spot for all those holidaying in Rome.

Best time to visit of holiday in Rome

Best time for a holidaying in Rome is in the months from March to May or rather the spring season. The summers and winters of Rome can be little uncomfortable for enjoying those amazing places in the city.

Come in Rome and Visit the Vatican City

You are going to Rome and would like to see the Vatican City and some museums and famous artworks and make some tours around the city or to other places but you are dreading the very likely possibilty to stand in line for hours just to get the tickets?? Then you’re going to like this service that we offer where you can book the tickets for all Museums.

A very interesting experience could be for you the Audience with Pope Benedict XVI at Vatican City which also includes a brief guided tour with the bus through Rome on your way to the Vatican city.

If you not only want to listen to the pope but also get his blessing the Papal Blessing at Castelgandolfo Day Trip from Rome could be of interest for you.

On the way to the Pope’s summer residence at Castelgandolfo you will also get to see among others the Terme di Caracalla and the Chapel of Domine Quo Vadis.

You really would like to see the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel but have heart that you usually have to queue for serveral hours? Skip that stress and book our Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Tour in advance and you won’t have to stay in line at all.

The tour also includes a guided bus ride to the vatican city, a lunch (drinks not included) and another guided tour of Christian Rome.

Wanna know more about the Christian Rome? Then book the Christian Rome Afternoon Tour which will show you the famous basilicas of Santa Maria Maggiore, Saint John in Lateran and Rome’s famous Catacombs.

You read the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and now you wanna know more about the secrets of the misterious city and the messages of the Illuminati?

Then the Rome Angels and Demons Half-Day Tour would be perfect for you since it tells you all about the myths and also takes you not only to the most beautiful sights of Rome but also to the less touristy ones.

First time at the Vatican City? That can be a bit overwhelming, so why don’t you book our Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica Half-Day Walking Tour which not only explains you everything about their history but also helps you to skip the lines.

You can also just prebook the tickets online to skip the lines and without having a guide.

Another possibility is to book the Vatican Museums Walking Tour includng Stistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms and St. Peter’s which is a guided tour with a smaller group so that the guide can focus more on your interests and your questions.

Go and discover a part less known by tourists and book the Trastevere and Rome’s Jewish Ghetto Half-Day Walking Tour. In these beautiful parts you also get to see the different periods, from Medieval to Renaissance and Baroque.

Last but not least we also offer the Ghost and Mystery Walking Tour of Rome where a guide leads you through the city and its secrets at night and tells you all about the less known history of the capital.

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