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Tips for visiting Rome – Part 6

Rome. it is also known as The Eternal City. I have just returned from a five day trip to this magical place.

I have been to Rome before a few years back in the summer months, and my top tip for visiting Rome, has to be, see Rome as part of a winter break. Avoid though, the month of November, renowned for its rain storms, that can be very prolonged. The summer in Rome can be stiflingly hot. Indeed the locals head out of the city to the coast, to escape the blistering heat. There are so many sights to see in Rome, and sightseeing, if it is truly to be appreciated, involves lots of walking. It is much more comfortable, to walk Round from sight to sight, when it is not too hot. As I have said I have just returned, on 22nd January 2008. We had the most wonderful holiday. There were six of us that went. Myself, my two teenagers aged 17 and 16, my best friend Anne, and her teenage son age 16, and her 3 year old daughter. So what would keep this diverse group happy for five days?

Well Rome has something for everyone. We Stayed at the wonderful Hotel Virgillio, just of the Via Natzionale, because we were there out of season, the prices were extremely reasonable. We even got four nights for the price of three. The hotel is 3 star, spotlessly clean, and full of roman charm. It was ideally placed for visiting all the sites, such as The Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, The Colosseum and The Roman Forum. Near the hotel was a taxi rank, from which we got a taxi to the large Sunday morning market (which incidentally should NOT be missed) and The Vatican. We found the taxi fares to be very reasonable, as they were on the meter, and couldn’t be fiddled! We also got taxis back again, because it was so inexpensive, and it enabled us to get to see more sights in the short time we were there.

The weather was really suprising, yes, it was quite cold at night, so we wrapped up well, but what can be better, than stood by the moonlit Trevi Fountain, eating freshly roasted chestnuts, purchased from a street vendor, in the square! But the weather in the day was suprisingly warm, we were stripping off as it was so warm to us, who are used to the bitter British winters, much to the bemusement of the Romans, who looked at us as if we were crazy! They were dressed in fur coats, thick scarves and boots… the very sight of them with all that on, had me sweating, I can tell you. But when you consider the high temperatures in the summer, you can understand why

Travel destinations: Rome, Italy – Part 10

So you’ve done it. You’ve made the decision to travel abroad, and visit one of the most magical cities on earth: Rome. But there is one problem, there are so many questions to be answered before your big trip! What landmarks should we not miss? What sort of attitude can we expect from the locals? Where should we stay, eat? Well, the first thing to do is relax. Even if you have a limited amount of planning time, traveling should be fun and rewarding, not taxing. So, there are many landmarks in Rome that should not be missed. The first, of course, is the Roman ruins and Colosseum. Guided tours are formed all the time outside of the Colosseum, and will be hard to miss. Tag along with one of the groups, and you will learn a bit of history. They are a little boring, but it is better than going it alone. Another beautiful site not to miss is the Trevi Fountain. It is best to go at night when it is lit up. Just beware of the street vendors, they don’t give up easily! Next, Italians are famous for being friendly and hospitable. This has definitely been my experience with the Romans. They were always smiling, and they love your broken Italian phrases. But most Italians also speak English, so do not fret. As far as staying and eating in the ancient city, my best advice would be to just look around. Some of the best eateries in Rome can be found in back alleys and walkways, where there isn’t a lot of tourist traffic. The food in Rome is exquisite, so it is unlikely that you will be disappointed wherever you go. Above all, relax and enjoy yourself! It is a wonderful city with many hidden treasures. Be adventurous!

Tips for visiting Rome – Part 3

As most people I guess, I’ve seen pictures, movies, news clips of Rome all my life. My daughter stayed in Rome three months during her senior year of college, becoming fluent in the language and falling in love with Rome and the Italian culture. That was in 1999. She reminded me each year that we should take a trip to Italy. Finally last year we did.

Most of the trip was in Tuscany, which we all loved! The last part was spent in Rome seeing the sights. Like the colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, the Vatican. There are far too many historic sights to take in the first time in Rome, unless you move there. But we tried to walk the city and see as much as possible in the heat of the Roman summer. It was well above 90 everyday, and some even over 100, but we enjoyed the walking and sweating just the same.

The food is the best anywhere, fresh and cooked to perfection. We stopped for “fast food” one day and had one of the best pasta dishes in about 5 minutes. This could change the meaning of fast food. It may be served fast, but Romans know how to spend lots of time on their meals, enjoying and savoring the flavors and sipping red wine or white wine and then after 2 hours, some delicious dessert and an espresso, strong and hot.

Getting around Rome is best done on foot. Taxi’s can be taken, but may be costly and you miss everything in between while you’re riding around at super sonic speed! Italian drivers are fast and so crossing the street is a challenge and must be undertaken with the right attitude. Just step out and go without making eye contact. A local man told us that drivers avoid hitting people because they must pay the funeral costs! Not exactly reassuring but I thought it was amusing and probably a better detriment than jail time is at home.

At night we again walked to local restaurants and found one with a delightful waiter who spoke 6 languages! He was very entertaining and all in different languages. He also sang and told us of his adventures in the United States how happy he was to leave and return to Italy. He was living in California and offered a job in Arizona. He got off the plane, spent half an hour in Arizona, in the summer, and turned around and got back on the plane to California!

The time we spent in Rome convinced us that we would need to return to this delightful, historic, energetic city of love!

A Holiday in Rome- Cheap flights to Rome

What can be more exciting in a life full of hustle and bustle than a calm vacation; and what better place to go other than Rome. Rich culture, a variety to cuisines to try, exquisite beauty waiting at every step you take, and a glimpse into a world of love- this is what Rome is all about.Cheap flights to Rome are just the cherry on the cake.

Rome is one of the destinations that keep you running on your toes all the time. There is so much to see all around that you have to be racing with time at all points in your travel. And with the coming of low cost airlines and cheap air fare, flights to Rome there are any people visiting Rome every year and the number just keeps increasing.
Awesome sights such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon and the Vatican with the newly restored Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo really take your breath. With some of the richest architecture and the best of artists to fall back on, Rome offers to be a paradisiacal getaway for connoisseurs of art and lovers of beauty. Do not wait any longer, lay hands on your low air fare options now and get going!

Not only these sights but also the various festivals that engulf the life of the city and the citizens throughout the year at various times are a treat to all your senses. Access a reliable travel website and get for yourself and loved ones some great travel deals and discounts on plane tickets to Rome. Witness the finesse of daily life and the extraordinary love that the cities carry for everyone who sets feet there.

Plan your travel with smart travel managers and manage more in less time. Get to see various important places and also the not so important places that have the grandeur to hold your eyes. Try the various cuisines and wines that heritage restaurants have to offer and lose yourself in this world of fun and enjoyment. With adventure at every step, cheap airline tickets are like a pleasant surprise.

Eating Out in Rome

As you might expect, when it comes to eating out, in Rome you will be faced by a large range of options: from the exclusive cuisine of some of the most famous international chefs to the traditional, hearty ‘Romanesca’ fare in all its manifold variations. Needless to say, the only way to really understand the heart and soul of Rome is by tasting its culinary splendors in a popular restaurant.

Eating out is part of life in Rome. It used to be said that in Rome it was cheaper to eat out than to purchase the same ingredients in a store and cook them at home. That may no longer be true, but you can still find cheap places to eat if you know where to look.

Testaccio is one of the areas in which to find traditional restaurants serving the local specialities, especially in the area surrounding the disused abattoir The district of Trastevere is also a great place to find good restaurants, and inside the Ghetto you’ll find several places offering Jewish cuisine as well as unique variations on traditional themes.

Surprisingly enough, some restaurants in the heart of the tourist centres, where red-checked table clothes swing from tables and waiters try to lure you in with their version of charm, are extremely good value. Via del Latore beside the Trevi Fountain has a number of such eateries.

If you like exotic and oriental cuisine, be advised that restaurants in Rome are pretty much confined to those of the native variety and, while you will find establishments serving Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Thai food, the standard is not as high as other major world cities. However, this is not going to be a real issue, as, once you have eaten in any of the traditional Italian restaurants, you simply won’t even consider trying anything different.

Pizzerias and trattorias are definitely the most popular places to dine in Rome: informal, economical and with speedy service, they are home to ‘pizza alla romana’, which has a thin crust and a crispy edge, as opposed to the soft raised crusts of the Neapolitan variety. You’ll find pizzerias in every corner of the city, but Trastevere offers an especially wide choice of pizza places with wood fueled ovens (these give the pizza a more intense flavor).

If you go the pizza route, in addition to the pizza, don’t miss other delicious Roman offerings easily found at any reputable pizzeria, such as ‘suppl?l telefono’ (fried rice balls with mozzarella filling), potato croquettes, fried cod fillets, fried pumpkin flowers, and ‘bruschetta’ (slices of toasted bread topped with tomato, garlic and olive oil).

Traditional Roman cuisine stems from a time when people cannot afford a meal made with meat, and therefore had to use offal, which at that time was definitely more affordable. Over the centuries, traditional dishes like – coda alla vaccinara’ (oxtail cooked with wine, tomatoes and peppers), ‘pajata’ (veal’s offal cooked in a tomato sauce), ‘abbacchio alla scottadito’ (grilled lamb chop) and ‘trippa alla romana’ (Roman style tripe), have come to be considered as delicacies and are eaten by even the most refined palates.

Roman cuisine has a great tradition of pasta dishes often made with ‘guanciale’ (cured pork cheek) and ‘pecorino romano’ cheese. The ‘amatriciana’ adds onion and tomato to the mix and is classically served with ‘bucatini’ (a thick, hollow spaghetti). while ‘carbonara’ tosses the pork and cheese with egg yolk and black pepper. ‘Gricia’ is similar to ‘amatriciana’ but without tomatoes and ‘gnocchi’ (little round squishy pasta balls made out of potato with a tomato sauce and Parmesan or pecorino) is a favorite for Thursday dinner.

Seasonal vegetables may not appear on the menu but are usually available. Romans love their greens: ‘spinaci ripassati’ (saut? spinach) are perennial favorites and many restaurants specialize in vegetable ‘fritto misto’ (deep fried mixed vegetables). Rome is famous for a local variety of artichokes, available from November to April, prepared ‘alla romana’ (stuffed with garlic and mint) or ‘alla giudia’ (fried whole, making each petal crisp). ‘Puntarelle’ is another side dish sure to be found at any Roman restaurant. Puntarelle is a type of chicory (also known as Catalonia) whose long, green spiked leaves are sliced very thinly and set into cold water so that they becomes curly and then served raw, dressed with olive oil, vinegar, garlic and minced anchovies.

If you really want to go the extra mile, Rome is also notable for lenten raisin buns called ‘maritozzi’, cream-filled pastries called ‘bign? rum-soaked fruit and nut cake called ‘pan giallo’, and a custard cake drenched with syrupy liqueurs known as ‘zuppa inglese’ (thoug’s neither soup nor English). Locals usually ends their meals with a cup of ‘espresso’ coffee or a glass of ‘sambuca’, a sweet liqueur sipped with three coffee beans to munch on.

This article is part of a series covering the most important Italian travel destinations and regional cuisines. Watch out for related articles about eating out in Florence, Naples, Milan and Venice.

A Tourist Guide To Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is ridded with fabulous architecture, historic attractions and small cobblestone streets. Its many famous landmarks including the magnificent Colosseum will make your stay in the city one that will be remembered for life.

Traveling There

Flying is an easy option as Rome has its own airport (Leonardo da Vinci Airport) that receives flights from many other worldwide international airports. There are frequent shuttle bus transfers and trains that run from both the international and domestic airports in Rome.

Great rail and bus services operate throughout Italy so getting around I easy. Also, good road networks make driving an option for those who want to take in the scenery on the way.

Accommodation Choices

Rome is a luxurious and expensive city and for this reason you can expect the accommodation rates to be quite high. The city is also very popular so be sure to book well in advance. All kinds of accommodation can be found within the city such as hotels, guesthouses, apartments and hostels.


Rome has a vast and interesting history as it was once the capital of the Roman Empire that began in 753 BC. The Empire practically took over the world and conquered up to one fifth of its population. Later on in the Middle Ages, Rome grew as a cultural and artistic capital city.

Sights and Attractions

The main reason that the majority of tourists visit Rome is because of the amazing sightseeing. The main attraction and a must see is the huge Colosseum. If architecture is of your interest be sure to visit Panthenon in the city centre. This building was far ahead of its time. Also go and see the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps and be sure to be overwhelmed.


Many people travel to Italy for its shopping potential and Rome is often the place where they go. Whilst in the city you can see and feel the locals love for style and fashion. The streets of Rome are full of the world’s leading designer brands and can be particularly dear in price. If you are after high street fashion then head for the areas of Via Nazionale, Via del Corso and Via Cola di Rienzo.

Dining Options

Rome is a great place to go out eating and drinking. Most restaurants offer an array of international cuisine and Italian specialties such as traditional pizza and many pasta dishes. Dining establishments can be found all over the city and cater for all budgets.