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Madrid was once dwarfed by cities such as Rome, Paris and London, but after the death in 1975 of Francisco Franco, Spain’s dictator, it began growing one of the most culturally vibrant, round-the-clock cities on earth. If you take a Madrid weekend break or plan to stay for a while you will find that Madrid now has a mix of world-renowned artwork, busy public plazas, great cuisine and nightlife. Madrid has three reference points: The Puerta del Sol, the city’s absolute centre; the Plaza Mayor, The Golden Age core; and The glorious Plaza de Cibeles, with the most extravagant architecture. The oldest part of the city is commonly known as ‘Los Austrias’ after the Hapsburg dynasty. The Plaza Mayor is one of few parts for which the Habsburgs can really claim credit. An elegant arcaded square with some lurid murals added in the 1990s, this was where the greatest festivals and ceremonies of imperial Madrid were held, as well as bullfights and carnivals. It now has coin and stamp collectors markets on Sundays and lively dance bands during fiestas. Sol is Madrid’s most photographed square, home to the bear and strawberry tree statue. You will also find that much of the Madrid accommodation is part of the stunning architecture. Huertas & Santa Ana remains an important theatre district and for those art lovers planning a Madrid holiday, a visit to its three museums on ‘The Avenue of Art’ offers the chance to view countless famous works by notable masters. Among more than 7000 paintings in the Museo del Prado are pieces by Velazquez, El Greco, Titian, Rubens and Bosch. At the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, there are modern masters such as Dali, Miro and Picasso, including his masterpiece, Guernica. And the Museo de la Coleccion Thyssen-Bornemisza holds works by Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Goya.

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Even if you are only planning a Madrid weekend, make sure you leave just a little bit of time for shopping. Fashion for men, women and children from Spanish and international designers can be found around the streets of Almirante and Conde de Xiquena, as well as in the district of Salamanca which concentrates the best shops for jewelry, shoes, leather goods, furniture and gifts. Concentrated in and around the Plaza Mayor are plenty of shops selling traditional articles such as espadrilles, fabrics, ropes, hats and religious articles. Large department stores are located in the vicinity of the Puerta del Sol, and on the streets of Princesa, Goya and Castellana. Open-air markets such as the Rastro which is the most famous of the flea markets, opens on Saturdays and Sundays between the Plaza de Cascorro, La Latina and the street of Embajadores. Everything can be found here from valuable antiques to used clothing, including collector cards, books, records and paintings.


Madrid is one of the world’s liveliest cities, never sleeps and during weekends or before public holidays, and on the days running up to Christmas, it is not unusual to see more people out and about at 4, 5 or 6am in the morning than in many other cities during the day. Nightlife can be divided into the following areas – between Puerta del Sol and Plaza de Santa Ana, especially in a street called Calle Huertas is a great area if on foot as the many pubs, taverns, theatre-cafes and fashionable bars here are pretty close one to each other. Alonso Martinez and Bilbao are the names of two subway-stations, both of them in the heart of very lively areas. From the first one, try the locals around Plaza de Santa Barbara. Close to the other you will find, among others, Madrid’s most famous discoteque, Pacha, Argelles and Moncloa – Ciudad Universitaria are two more subway-stations where you may enjoy the ambience of Madrid’s university quarter. There are numerous traditional cafes to enjoy on a Madrid holiday, many of them decorated in the style of La “Belle Epoque”. On hot summer nights have a drink in one of the many beautiful terraces, where you will find large amounts of people until late in the night, mainly in Paseo de la Castellana especially between Cuzco and Paseo del Prado.


Language: Spanish

Currency: Euro

Airport: Madrid

Best airlines for a budget

Paris to Marrakesh and return for $85….Barcelona to Rome and back, $70….London to Milan, return, for four cents!

These are just a sample of the low airfares I turned up during a recent Internet search for travel across Europe and into North Africa.

Discount airlines are booming in Europe these days, and for medium and long-haul routes across the continent, they can’t be beat for timing and price. For cost-conscious travellers from North America, they open up a whole new world; jetting out to various exotic destinations from one European base at an affordable price. In many cases, it’s cheaper for North Americans to book an overseas ticket to one of the major hubs like London then book a discount airline on to their final destination, than it is to fly direct. There are some drawbacks, including a longer time in transit and the risk of missing a connection. But as long as you are aware of the potential problems and do a little planning, the results can save you hundreds of dollars, and open up destinations you never thought you could afford to reach.

How can you uncover these juicy airline deals? First, get yourself organized with a special folder in your Internet Browser so you can store all the information you find. Then start clicking away….

1) One-stop shopping. Visit www.whichbudget.com, a worldwide clearinghouse for information about discount airlines. Simply plug in the country and city you wish to depart from, and the site will list all the destinations to which you can travel using discount airlines, along with hotlinks to the airlines’ websites. Many results will show multiple carriers making the same run, so check out each one for the best deal. And save the ones you like in your Favourites folder for future reference.

2) Google It. Whichbudget’s website is comprehensive, but it may miss an airline or two. Don’t hesitate to do a search for something like “discount airlines france” to see what pops up. Add anything new you find to your Favourites folder.

3) Don’t Ignore the Big Guys. Any time you find a great fare between two points, make sure you check with the traditional airlines that may make the same trip. Aer Lingus, Ireland’s national carrier, converted itself into a discount carrier in the spring of 2007 to do battle with the more recent upstarts. In fact, Ryanair, the Irish airline that pioneered discount air travel more than a decade ago, tried to buy up its new competitor, but the offer was rebuffed

Travel destinations: Rome, Italy – Part 12


My first yearnings for Rome began when I was sixteen. I became closely associated with an Italian family from Reggio Calabria. I was drawn to their natural warmth of manner and admired their stoic qualities and most of all their strong family feeling. Migrating to Australia would not have been easy. They encountered language difficulties and often racial discrimination. I listened to their stories about life in their village and the beauty of the mountains and sea, and I drank in the music and emotion of their Italian language. I bought Italian records, watched Italian movies and even studied the language. You could say I was devoted to the Italian culture by the time I saw the romantic film, “Three Coins in the Fountain,” and the theme song became a hit. I made up my mind that one day I would go to Rome.


As the taxi sped along the motorway from Rome’s Fiumicino airport my heart sank as we passed miles of modern housing development flats and industry. It wasn’t until we were approaching the city itself that I became absolutely enthralled by the sight of a great, ancient, Roman wall. I had never seen anything so massive.

I gripped the seat while the taxi driver forged on among a mass of mopeds and small cars all vying for position on the congested road. The sight of immense monumental buildings transfixed my gaze and helped to take my mind off the impending danger of the traffic.

The taxi pulled into a lane way to park and the driver pointed to the hotel around the corner. Heaving heavy cases, my friend and I negotiated the pedestrian crossing through a maze of people to find the hotel entrance was off the street, down a passageway, then up an elevator to the third floor. The manager greeted us half heartedly. He was obviously irritated because our presence was interrupting his viewing of the soccer on the television. Ungraciously, he gave directions to where we would find our suite.

Tired, after early morning flights from a Greek Island I had been loathe to leave, my first impression of Rome was disappointing. Faced with the greyness of old buildings, roaring traffic and a hotel room that was dim and poky after the luxury of our island accommodation my spirits were low. But after a short rest we ventured out, determined not to waste a moment of time as there was much to see. We headed for a highly decorated church building across the

More Flights To Mexico

Consistently ranking as one of the top international destinations for U.S. travelers, Mexico has seen steady growth in airline and tourism options in recent years. American interest in Mexican resorts and spas has grown in tune with Mexico’s long-term tourism plan, a focus that contributes over $12 billion dollars annually to the nation’s economy. In fact, Mexico has become so popular with travelers that Cancun now ranks third behind London and Rome in international air bookings placed at a popular online travel site.

During the past six months, both major airlines and low-cost carriers in the United States and Canada have expanded service to several cities and resorts in Mexico by adding flights to existing routes and launching new services. As a result, Mexico’s 20 million annual visitors, over 80% of which come from the U.S. and Canada, can expect to see better rates and increased options for airfare and vacation packages.

At the forefront of this expansion into the Mexican air travel market is Frontier Airlines. With plans to launch round-trip service between Denver and Guadalajara in December, Frontier will now offer flights to eight of Mexico’s premier resort destinations. Having established a “secondary hub” in Cancún that services seven U.S. cities, Frontier has afforded American tourists increased access to the city’s unique resorts and spas. The carrier offers nonstop flights between Cancun and all seven of its U.S. cities.

In recent months, Atlanta-based Delta Airlines has begun offering new non-stop services to several Mexico resort destinations such as Acapulco, Merida, and Ixtapa from Atlanta; Mazatlan from Salt Lake City; and Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco from New York’s JFK.

Just this year as well, United Airlines has added services from Chicago to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, in addition to a popular route between Los Angeles and Cancun. In all, United now has 16 distinct routes to Mexico from the American mainland.

Even smaller carriers like Alaska Airlines have greatly expanded their offerings. Alaska’s flight capacity to Mexico has grown by 22% in recent months, with most flights originating in the Pacific Northwest and California and traveling to Cancun, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Many carriers have also introduced seasonal flight services for the winter months. American Airlines’ new weekly non-stop service from JFK to San Jose del Cabo in the Baja California region will be offered from Dec. 16 to April 9, 2007. For their part, Northwest Airlines will add several seasonal routes from Midwestern cities to Acapulco, Manzanillo and Ixtapa.

Much like their American counterparts, Mexican airlines are also making travel more accessible with expanded flight offerings. Aeromexico and Mexicana already operate daily routes between New York’s JFK and Mexico City, while Mexicana and its low-fare carrier, Click, will begin service from Baltimore to Mexico City and Miami to Cancun. Flights within Mexico have also increased, making it easier to visit multiple resorts in one family vacation.

Even Canadian airlines are getting in on the action. Air Canada has added 25 additional non-stop flights per week, bringing the carrier’s total to 61. Included in the new routes are services from Toronto to Cozumel and Ixtapa and Montreal to Mexico City. Sunwing Airlines has begun offering flights from Montreal and Ottawa to Acapulco and between Toronto and Cozumel.

Most importantly, this trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping as airlines, travel companies and the Mexican government continue to lure American and Canadian tourists. Currently, affordable flights and vacation packages aren’t difficult to find, a fact sure to further increase interest in Mexico as an international travel destination. Perhaps it can be said that there has never been a better time to plan that Cancun family vacation or romantic getaway to Puerto Vallarta.

Italian Air Travel Booking Tips

The cost of flying within Italy is often comparable to the cost of train travel, although be sure to include the expense of getting to and from the airport. When flying out of Italian airports, always check with the airport or tourist agency about upcoming strikes, which are frequent in Italy and often affect air travel. The work stoppages are called by trade unions over contractual disputes, and can also ground or delay flights to and from Italy operated by several European carriers, including British Airways and Air France.

Things to Think About when booking

When you book, look for nonstop flights and remember that “direct” flights stop at least once. Try to avoid connecting flights, which require a change of plane. Two airlines may operate a connecting flight jointly, so ask whether your airline operates every segment of the trip. You may find that the carrier you prefer flies you only part of the way. Check web sites to find more booking tip, to check prices and to make online flight reservations.

When flying internationally, you must usually choose between a domestic carrier, the national flag carrier of the country you are visiting (Alitalia for Italy), and a foreign carrier from a third country. National flag carriers have the greatest number of non stops. Domestic carriers may have better connections to your hometown and serve a greater number of gateway cities. Third-party carriers may have a price advantage.

On international flights, Alitalia serves Rome, Milan, and Venice. The major international hubs in Italy are Milan and Rome, served by Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines. American Airlines flies into just Milan. US Airways serves only Rome.

Alitalia and British Airways have direct flights from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports to Milan and Rome. From Manchester, British Airways has daily flights to Milan and Rome. Smaller, no-frills airlines also provide service between Great Britain and Italy.

EasyJet connects Gatwick with Bologna. British Midland connects Heathrow and Milan. Ryanair, departing from London’s Stansted Airport, has daily flights to Milan, Rome, Pisa, and Venice. Meridiana has two or three direct flights each week between Gatwick and Olbia on Sardinia in summer, and daily flights to Rome and Florence throughout the year. From its hub in Brussels, Virgin Express files to Milan, Catania, and Rome.

Alitalia connects Canada and Italy. Air Canada flies to Munich for connections to Rome, Florence, and Milan via Lufthansa. Qantas flies from various cities in Australia via Bangkok, arriving in Rome. Alitalia and New Zealand Air fly from Auckland to Rome with a stop in London. Another option if you’re coming from Australia or New Zealand is Thai Airlines, landing in Rome via Bangkok.

When buying tickets for flights within Italy, on Alitalia and small carriers such as Meridiana and Air One shop around for the best deals. Tickets are frequently sold at discounted prices, so check the cost of flights, even one-way, as an alternative to train travel.

Biography: Paavo Nurmi, the flying Finn

With another Olympiad upon us, we should be reminded of the great moments provided by our many Olympic heroes. A lot of these great moments were provided by long distance runners. Throughout the long and storied history of the Olympic Games, there have been a great many runners whose names and deeds have become the stuff of legend. There was Abebe Bikila, a member of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selasse’s Palace Guard, who would come out of nowhere to win the Marathon at the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in Rome while running in his bare feet! He would repeat his victory at Tokyo in 1964 – this time wearing shoes. Emil Zatopek of Czechoslovakia would win unprecedented TRIPLE Gold Medals in the 5000 Meter Run, 10000 Meter Run, and the Marathon at the 1952 Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland. Finally, there was Frank Shorter who would become the first U.S. Gold Medalist in the Marathon in 64 years at Munich, West Germany in 1972. His victory was significant because it set off a nationwide running boom that, to some degree, continues to this day. Perhaps the greatest Olympic distance runner of all was Paavo Nurmi, the legendary “Flying Finn”, whose Olympic career spanned the period from 1920 to 1928. Nurmi would win a record NINE Gold Medals in Track and Field events. This record would be equaled seventy two years later by Carl Lewis – a sprinter!

Paavo Nurmi was born on June 13, 1897 in Torvu, Finland. His father, a carpenter, died when he was only 12 years old. One of the more remarkable facts about Nurmi was that he had a resting heart rate of ONLY 39 beats per minute! Nurmi had his earliest success at 3000 Meters, but it was during a short stint in the army that he first attracted attention. Nurmi entered a 20 Kilometer march with full equipment. Running was allowed, so he ran the entire way. In spite of the fact that he was carrying a rifle, a cartridge belt, and an 11 pound sack of sand, he finished the course way ahead of everyone else. So quickly, in fact, that some officials were convinced that he had cheated.

All throughout his running career, Nurmi ran his races with a stopwatch. However, towards the end of his races, he would toss the watch on the ground. His first Olympic Gold Medal came at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium in the 10000 Meter Run. Afterwords, Second Place finisher, Joseph Guillemot of France (who had beaten Nurmi in the 5000 Meter Run earlier in the Games) vomited on Nurmi’s shoes. This was

Holidays in Milan

Milan is the second largest cosmopolitan city of Italy after Rome. It is one of the chief silk markets in Europe. Inhabitants of the Milan are very fashionable and particular about their dresses, perfumes and hair styles. Milan is well-known as a holiday station and considered as hot destination for city breaks. There are many travel agents offering cheap flights and hotel packages in Milan. You can easily book online yourself Milan city breaks for a holiday or business trip.

Milan is a vigorous metropolitan area offering a absolute variety of actions and tourist attractions. Milan’s climate is Mediterranean and you can comfortably visit throughout the year. Mountains to the north guard the city from the nastiest of the Arctic chills, but there are the periodic cold snaps. The throbbing heart of Milan is Piazza Del Duomo the whole city seems to revolve around the square; people can be seen everywhere, either on their way to the office, out for shopping, off to the theatre, or else slowly walking around under the elegant arcade. Milan is a class destination for city breaks.

Shopping In Milan

The most important pull of the Milan is shopping and eating. The country is leads in fashion and design technology. Fashion is its lifeblood, and is a dwelling for some of the world’s most stylish boutiques, designed by leading architects with modest elegance. There are many showrooms with the work of glass and mirror and there are shops selling rare and original furniture. Milan is ranked nearby Paris and London as one of Europe’s greatest places to shop. A short break in Milan will always be cherished by you even long after your holidays. You can find the every thing in this city, specially its in the fashion and design. For a luxury shopping in Milan, the sort out places are Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Sant’Andrea. In case of the affordable purchase there are Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Buenos Aires, Via Torino and Corso di Porta Ticinese. Corso Buenos Aires is one of the longest streets in Europe.

Hotels In Milan

Milan can boasts of many hotels ensuring a quiet, peaceful and a enjoyable stay for business and leisure travellers alike. The graceful location of hotels in Milan offers a beautiful view and superb inner courtyard. You can get the cheapest rates for Milan hotels at http://www.mymilan.co.uk. You can also choose the location that suits you best as they offer hotels in all districts of Milan.

Cuisines, Nightlife, Clubs, Pubs & Cafes

Eating is one of Milan’s greatest delights. The city has implemented a number of international recipes over the years, it is famous for fast foods, cakes and desserts. The Brera area has several modish restaurants and countless bar viz. wine bars, pubs, cafés, bistros, wine cellars, live music bars and lots more to opt from. The Milan night’s panorama is very comprehensive and keep modifying its variations. Milan has some of Italy’s top clubs, cinemas and bars, it is famed as the Italy’s clubbing capital.

City Breaks In Milan With Flights & Hotels

There are many UK based travel agents offering cheap city breaks to Milan. They also provide cheap flights to Milan and hotels in Milan in their short break packages at discounted rates. You can book a short city breaks to Milan at http://www.mymilan.co.uk and receive an additional discount of £5.00 per person on very online booking of flights & hotels in Milan. The discount of £5.00 are offered only for city break packages thought you can book only flights or only hotels as well at very cheap contracted rates. Get yourself ready for spending your weekend holidays in Milan as www.mymilan.co.uk makes available everything you need for apleasant & relaxing city break.

Dream of Flying

Flying Lesson

Unaided I could fly, swooping and diving.

No Icarus was I for what was there about me

that could melt? – no wings necessary;

just the will not to be on my feet and

no ambition for cloud lands that only freeze.

I knew the secret and could tell it, so soon

it was a family affair. We had a journey to make

to a place and for a purpose I cannot now recall

if indeed I ever knew.

Low we went and fast, laughing at the surprise

on every ground-fast face. We swerved between them

just inches from the pavement. At first we flew sitting

as if on invisible seats: our magic was prosaic;

but soon we became bolder.

Once I broke away down a peeling corridor to a dingy bar and through it without stopping to order: no greater intoxication needed.

After the swerves came now the swoops, clearing buildings with outspread limbs and unpractised ease, for confidence and skill came without effort. I tell you there was no fear and why should you disbelieve this plain fact? (Pilate asked what truth was, but I know he never flew – except in old jokes)

I let the others go on and perched on a chimney pot to think this out. How did I know old Pontius never flew?

One night in Judea he could have dreamed of soaring over the sea to Rome. But I dismissed that at once as irrelevant, for I was not dreaming.

For me then, on that hard unsteady roost, I was in the real world that had brought me sudden and unlooked for grace, just as true as all the griefs and joys that buffet and bend us from our first breathing.

I knew I had the knowledge of the birds, but no need of wings or mighty muscles. All you had to do was clear and simple – to be freely shared as soon as I was ready. But that was for later: now my companions were gone and I was just sitting. It was time to fly again.

Time to fly again, but now without remembrance of how I had first begun. The chimney pot was suddenly steeple high. A time for thought to cease. I trusted and toppled forward. A slither on damp slates and then, and then, a joyful soar.

And I knew the secret again and I knew that trust was part of it. Not all of it, but the soul of it, if a secret can have a soul. So much easier to trust when flying. Staying low now, arms outflung, along a road straight and deep between hushed trees. It was growing dark, but I did not doubt I would find the others.

I was with them again and we flew together among high silent ruins of factories. All life was gone from their gaunt bricks and chimneys but we were not oppressed, so full were we of our common gift. For us they were not lifeless husks of expectation: they were a playground in which we wheeled and circled.

Then I woke up quite suddenly. For a moment I thought I still had the secret, but the shade of Pilate sniggered as I walked to catch my train.

Ways to travel cheap or free – Part 1

Winter Away – on the Cheap

The very best way to save money on travel is to do it in the off season. I have been to Spain in the summer when it was so hot you could hardly move. All the folks walked on the shady side of the streets and the consumption of water to keep hydrated was constant. Not only are the temperatures high but so are the prices and the wait times. I found that by going in the off season I could stay in very nice hotels for about 50 to 25 percent of the cost during the high season. This was a huge saving and enabled me to extend my stay. There are savings to be had on cabs, restaurants and tourist attractions which are utilized far less in the off season making site seeing much more enjoyable. I also think that the locals are more willing to help and be kind when they are not bombarded with thousands of tourists.

It is a good idea to pre-book your hotels. Many hotels totally shut down in the low season saving money on staff expenses. You can find good deals. It just takes a little more time on your computer. I have found the Youth Hostels in Europe to be very clean and reasonably priced.

Another little tip – don’t book your flights within Europe through your travel agent. Do a little work on the web and find airlines that operate within Europe. I flew from Madrid to Rome for $42.00. There are many flight deals to be had by booking directly with the airlines in Europe.

The attractions of Europe have been there for a thousand years and they don’t change because the weather changes. You do need to carry an umbrella. The summers in Spain are extremely hot. Too hot for my Canadian sensitivities. I found the Fall weather much more agreeable. I wore a light jacket over a shirt but many of the locals were in much heavier and warmer coats. I had the feeling that they were looking at me like I was a little crazy.

I was in Spain and Italy for six weeks in November and December. The temperatures were very comfortable and it only rained three days. It was cool in Venice on the water but that problem was solved with a light jacket and a scarf. I was told that during the high season a person can wait up to six hours to go up the tall tower in St. Mark’s Square. We were able to go straight up and while at the top our view was not blocked by other tourists. I was able to walk straight into the Vatican after weaving my way through a large maze of fences that are used in the high season to control the crowds.

Planning a Trip? Review These Air Travel Tips Before you Go!

Where are you planning to go for your next vacation? Paris? Rome? New York? Las Vegas? Sydney? Unless you live nearby, you will likely be hopping a plane for at least part of the trip. Even frequent flyers and business travelers will benefit by going through the following tips.

  • Always dress in layers. It is easy to take something off if you are too warm waiting in the airport or seated in the plane. However, if you are wearing short sleeves and do not have a jacket or sweater handy, you could be destined for a very cold experience. The less active you are, the more likely you are to feel chilled – even at normal room temperature.
  • Consider taking a backpack to use as a carry-on. Double-check the size before purchasing, to ensure that it meets airline requirements. A comfortable backpack can leave your hands free to deal with tickets, children, and other luggage. However, never place anything like passports or wallets in a backpack. They are easier for thieves to filch.
  • Airport x-ray equipment can adversely affect some medications, enzymes, and food products. Do your research before you go to avoid nasty surprises. The same goes for photographic film.
  • E-tickets are more environmentally friendly than regular paper tickets. Best of all, you will never lose or misplace an e-ticket!
  • Airport shuttles are cheaper than taxis, and often they can be reserved in advance. If you will be staying at a bed and breakfast, hostel, or hotel, check with the reservations desk to see if they have a shuttle or limo service. Many provide them as a free extra. Some lodging establishments charge a nominal extra fee.
  • It may sound like overkill, but natural cottons and wools will not melt to your skin if you are in an onboard fire. Besides the safety factor, they are more comfortable to wear while you travel, because they breathe better than most synthetics.
  • Do not guess at luggage weight. Weigh your suitcases before you leave home to make sure that they are within the maximum weight allowance. It is advisable to call the airlines to determine how many pieces of luggage and how much total weight they permit. Regulations vary.
  • Wear very comfortable, loose footwear for your flight. When sitting for long periods, your legs and feet tend to swell. Tight-fitting shoes can make you feel miserable after a very short time onboard.
  • You can save a lot of money if you do not mind being ‘bumped’. Be sure to pack a couple of books or audio books, though, to prepare for long waits.

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