Assisi And Viterbo Two Gems Of Italy See Them In A Car Hire

While in Italy, easiest and comfortable way to move around is in your own car. Car Hire Italy, which provides you best available cars of your preferred size, type and comfort, is the most convenient way.

Italy has so much to offer to both tourists and business visitors. Italy not only abounds in castles, museums, ancient palaces, and churches but also has a lot more to offer to its visitors.

Traveling around in a car of your choice you could collect your car on reaching Car Hire Assisi in Assisi, a small town in central Italy. Known as St Francis city – St Francis, patron Saint of Italy, was born here – it has the 13th century Basilica di San Francesco. It is this basilica d San that has several sacred relics of the founder of the Franciscan order. Besides, it also has beautiful early Renaissance frescoes of the life of St Francis.

Assisi’s Roman ruins, narrow and winding medieval streets and series of important, historic and sacred places of worship make it an important Catholic pilgrimage destination.

Estimates suggest that four to five million tourists, including Catholic pilgrims, visit Assisi every year. Though located at a height of 400 meters, it has lost some of its hill town glamour because of ever increasing tourist rush.

It is not only the historic small town of Assisi but there is a lot to visit and see outside Assisi. Viterbo, the university town, is just 135 km away. You can move around comfortably in your car, which you have taken from Car Hire Assisi, or Car Hire Viterbo. This is one company that besides promising no hidden charges also helps you get cheap insurance for the duration you are in Italy and using a Car Hire Italy vehicle.

Viterbo lies in the middle of the Italian peninsula that falls in Latium region. Viterbo is also the capital of Latium. They say Viterbo has taken the place of historic and ancient village of Etruscan of Surrena. The name of the village during Roman times was changed Vicus Elbii. In the 8th century, its name was Cestrum Viterbii, under the rule of Longobards. Subsequently, it became the seat of the Popes (1257-1281) passing a favorable period of town development.

After knowing the importance of a town, its historic links to the rise and growth of Catholics, both Assisi and Viterbo have become major tourist towns in central Italy. Though Italy has good public transport system, but for a tourist who values time and for whom time is money, it is all the more convenient to travel at one’s own pace and leisure in an affordable and reliable mode. Car Hire Italy facilitates that.

Rome is only 80 km away and Florence 160 km. So Viterbo becomes an important link between Assisi, Rome and Florence as no visitor to Italy would ever risk missing these three major tourist attractions.

Traveling in a car that is temporarily yours and has your choicest settings, including inside sprays, makes it enjoyable as you move from city to city, town to town, looking up at all unique features each of towns and cities have to offer to a visitor. So Car Hire Italy becomes your companion on Tour of Italy.

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